The Fabulous Beatles 1964 - Beatles In The News

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The Fabulous Beatles 1964 paperback of all 'new' cuttings and pictures that don't feature in any of the other 'In the News' books.

Even more long lost Beatle interviews and rumours - all in their original, print format. These articles and features appear exactly as they did over 50 years ago.

Scanned at high resolution and, where practical and aesthetically permitted, they have been cleaned up for your browsing pleasure!

Don't miss this and the others in the series!
The Fabulous Beatles 1964
The Fabulous Beatles
All new - 124 pages of Beatles articles; interviews and images from my collection of Fabulous 208 magazines!
Only ever printed once - over 50 years ago. This is your opportunity to see how The Beatles appeared to the fans who were around during those incredible days!
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